"GO" Month Check-In

I’ve always liked how January seems to move along at a nice, slow-ish pace. It’s probably just in comparison to the whirlwind of the holiday season, but I enjoy the general ease and possibility of the month. Having a well structured home is not only beautiful, but it helps us slow down and minimize the roadblocks to our family’s flow. January is the perfect time to set up and/or recommit to systems that work.

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Coco D’Ascola
Welcome to the Blog!

Since this is a fresh new year and we all have a chance for new beginnings, including our Pinterest-inspired visions of leading perfectly organized lives with optimal flow and balance, I wanted to kick off the blog with one of my favorite projects: A multi-purpose, Family Command Central for a family that includes their laundry space, mudroom, tons of storage, a crafting area and work space. Just beyooond, right!?!? 

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