Meet Coco


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As a child, I was always busy with something creative… planning and executing one of my many “projects.” Some things never change! Throughout the years, my love and gratitude for family, beauty in all its forms, art, all things functional and people in general has ignited in me a passion for living a well-designed life.

I strongly believe that our homes should be a reflection of ourselves and the ways we like to live. I love getting to intimately know my clients so I can ensure that their personality, style and needs are front and center. I pay close attention to the oftentimes unspoken and help them translate their style in ways that they may not have known were possible.

As a natural born juggler of responsibilities and a time management ninja, I can tackle a variety of budgets and styles. I believe in hard work, while having fun and most of all, being authentic.  Plus, as a mother of four young children, I have mastered one of the most difficult of designer goals…creating durable, family-friendly interiors that are comfortable, inviting and beautiful – proving that we might really be able to have it all in this crazy and wonderful thing called life!

My most personal cause is advocating for special needs children and their families, such as my own due to my eldest son’s genetic disorder (Dup15q) and Autism. My husband and I have been blessed with the love and perspective that he has brought to our family. We know that each day is precious and should truly be celebrated. So, I love to figure out what makes my clients tick...what makes them feel the best!  It’s an honor for me to join them on their personal journeys to help their abodes truly become havens to share with those they love the most